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Burn Zombie Burn Full Crack

Welcome to the char-grilled world of Burn Zombie Burn, where the best type of undead is barbequed undead.
The goals are simple: keep Bruce alive, as he tries to keep Daisy alive, and get the highest score possible. Standing (well, ambling) in your way is a never ending horde of the rotting, stinking and stupid undead.
Fortunately our mild-mannered hero Bruce can get hold of some tasty weaponry. Burn, batter, shoot, maim, blow up, mince, and obliterate as many zombies as possible before they make Bruce their dinner.
Flaming zombies are faster and more dangerous than regular uncooked zombies. But burning zombies drop better pickups and act as a score multiplayer - light'em up, score big, and have fun.

Berikut screenshot nya:

Cara menginstal:
1.Extract File RAR yang telah Sobat Download.
2.Buka Folder Hasil Extract Dan Mounting File t-bzb.cue menggunakan Daemon Tools.
3. Jalankan File Setup.exe Dan Selesaikan Proses Instalasi.
4.Copy Dua File Crack yang berada didalam Folder TiNYiSO Dan Paste atau Taruh pada Folder C:\Program Files\P2 Games\Burn Zombie Burn.
5.Terakhir Mainkan Game nya Lewat Desktop Icon.
6.Enjoy !!!

Kalau yang mau coba silahkan klik link di bawah.
Password: filiex
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Semoga bermanfaat.

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